Why Choose CodeIgniter For Web Application Development?

Why Choose CodeIgniter For Web Application Development?

Before creating a web application, it is imperative that you identify the framework on which you will develop it. Frameworks serve as platforms of support for building a web application and can complement the features that you’re planning for your web app. If you’re partial to a specific programming language, you might want to pick a framework that works well with that language.

PHP is a well-known web programming language that has been widely used to create exceptional websites. According to W3Techs survey, PHP is being used by 82% of majority web server. This language is popular because of its collaborative features, excellent HTML and database integration support.

Codeigniter is a robust PHP framework that is simple to use and also features a great toolkit to create web applications. In addition to being extremely lightweight, this framework comes with excellent documentation that is very easy to understand. It has a good collection of libraries, making it easy to learn, adopt, and deploy. Codeigniter is known to offer flexibility and easy management with the help of an MVC-based framework. Codeigniter allows you to use its own existing scripts alongside your personal core libraries. It is a framework that is free from complex structures and tedious developmental procedures. CodeIgniter has all components which are a cost-effective, fast, and hassle-free framework.

Features of CodeIgniter

  1. Model-View-Controller Based System-This platform uses MVC system to catch complex models and aids you to build web application hassle-free with the use of controllers and views. It assists the developer to make core libraries for the system and allows you to incorporate your own existing scripts with database.
  2. Form Validation-It enables you to write the code in a single line with the help of an effective validation framework system. CodeIgniter can generate codes error-free and ensures a myriad range of control structures to be placed within the HTML form.
  3. Error Handling-CodeIgniter provides user-friendly interfaces that can uncover error functions throughout the application. It can show all PHP errors in your web application without missing meagerness.
  4. Migration- PHP developerscan handle database schema updates through different web application fields. It is easy and hassle-free in CodeIgniterto migrate from one server to the other.
  5. Configuration and Customizable-In this PHP framework, developers can easily edit the existing files. CodeIgniter offers easy configuration and customizable of the files.

Final words:
With all these incredible features, CodeIgniter today stands among the most preferable and reliable open source platforms for developing PHP based web applications. So, hire a PHP developer today who can make robust web app for you!

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